About Fidels

Shawn Damirdjian, more famously known as Fidel Hydro, is a household name for cannabis cultivators around the world. Fidel has been in the cannabis industry for over a decade and has honed his skills to produce some of the most well-known strains in the game.

Cultivator Fidel Hydro

Shawn worked at his brother’s hydroponic store as a bagboy in 2010, soaking up as much knowledge as he could. Shawn was the first employee at his brother’s hydroponics store ‘SCB Hydro,’ located in LA, where he taught over 40 people a day about the ins-and-outs of cultivating cannabis.

Shawn is an expert cultivator who regularly answers questions on cultivating cannabis and optimizing its environment to provide the biggest yield and most quality buds. If you are uncertain as to how to start growing cannabis, how to optimize the environment around your flowers, equipment, or anything else, Shawn is your guy.

This 1K square foot store with 2 employees soon turned into 3 stores with 18 employees and to a huge 26K sqft. warehouse, the Costco of hydroponics called Commercial Grow Supply.

Fidels Store is a brand built on clean growing practices, consistent flowers, and achieving the maximum potential of each strain. Flowers By Fidels is the culmination of Fidel Hydro’s learnings in the cannabis industry.

Shawn Damirdjian aka. Fidel Hydro

Fidel Hydro has spent more than a decade helping cultivators big and small on how to get the best yields for their grows. Commercial Grow Supply in Santa Clarity, CA is epitome of the “Costco of Hydroponics” which has manifested from Fidel’s years of consulting on the good, bad, and ugly of cannabis cultivation. Commercial Grow Supply services cultivators with all the equipment, growing tools, and mediums needed to be a successful cannabis cultivator.

Fidel has honed his expert level craft to maximize the potential genetics of famous strains like Runtz and others. Runtz is a popular strain, but Fidel’s specific phenotype has been known for its terpene profiles and taste that has allowed the Cookies Enterprise and Runtz to build a foundational legacy within cannabis culture due to the innovation of Fidel Hydro.

Fidel’s Mac 1, Fidel’s Papaya, Fidel’s Tropicana Cookies, and Fidel’s Animal Mintz are all poster children for top-shelf cannabis genetics. When you see Fidel’s name before the strain, you can expect only the best.

Fidel is now known in the cannabis industry through the flowers which are sold under the name Flowers by Fidel and his Hash Hole joints which are created from high-end flowers and very terp rich rosins to create what is called a doughnut joint. This is a joint with a hole in the center which is filled with high quality extract.

Fidel has now released his range of high quality cannabis seeds which are all available as regular seeds. They include some extra special varieties such as Runtz Mint, Peach Pound Cake and Gemelo! Seed City is very proud to offer the full range of Fidel Seed Co seeds, available as both single seeds, and full packs, at the lowest prices online!

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