Fidels Tropicana Grape Cake

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Seed Overview
Brand Fidels Seed Co
Pack Size 12 Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Lineage Tropicana Cookies x Grape Topanga x Zkittlez Cake
Seed Type Regular

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Tropicanna Grape Cake by Fidel’s Seed Co is one of the eight exceptional cultivars in Fidel’s initial genetic release. Fidel, frequently known as Fidel Hydro, began his career in the sector at the prestigious Commercial Hydro store in Santa Clarita, California. This early start in the industry enabled him to learn directly about the teething troubles that hundreds of cultivators faced.

Tropicana Grape Cake crosses Harry Palms cut of the Tropicana Cookies aka the MTN CutFidel received this illusive cut through his relationship with Bobby Trill of Trilogy 710, this relationship has been fostered for a long time as Fidel sold him his first grow set up during his days at the Hydro store. The cut was traded for the Cherry Rope that Fidel Hydro had cuttings. Fidel’s Seed Co bred the Tropicana Cookies cut with their selected male from the Jungle Boys seeds that crossed the Grape Topanga with their Zkittlez CakeZkittlez Cake crosses Zkittlez with Jungle Boy’s Wedding Cake. Meanwhile, Grape Topanga crosses Jungle Boy’s heritage OG cultivar Topanga Canyon OG with their Grape Pie cut. 

This resulted in a number of phenotypes that express like the Tropicana Cookies with a significant increase of gas. It keeps the same bag appeal and deep purple complexion as the original Tropicana Cookies just with a heavy dousing of gasoline.


Fidel Hydro, known for his Hash Hole, a huge joint loaded with solventless extract in the centre that he has mastered and marketed as Fidels Hash Hole, which popularised the ultimate connoisseurs smoke. The Hash Hole, commonly known referred to as a doughnut, is a creative endeavour undertaken by Fidel & his team that has collaborated with some of the industry’s most highly prized creatives and countless exceptional Hash Holes flower/ rosin collaborations, including DNA Genetics, Cookies SF, and others. Fidel Hydro helped cement the hash hole/ donut culture in Barcelona with their Hash Holes and Donuts event at the Barcelona Cookies Social Club. During this trip to Spain, they made the business decision to partner with Pure Sativa to release Fidel’s Seed Co exclusively. Thankfully they did, as it means we can bring delights such as the Tropicanna Grape Cake to you!